Monday, 10 January 2011

Scrambled thoughts

To live in a World where people were able to be open and honest..
Where they could tell you how they felt without the worry what would happen..
If we could truly live in the now not thinking of consequence or pain of what our actions could bring..
To be free from attachments of unimportant things, cars, houses, clothes and diamonds..
To appreciate and love one another for who and what we are..
To not think of tomorrow and how tired we'd be, to go dancing, to watch a film, to stay up all night with our lover..
For tomorrow never comes and should not be considered..
How I long to be somewhere where all people want is to be happy at all times..
Not just on holidays or at the weekends, to not count down the days until happiness can begin..
Free our minds and our inhibitions, to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do..
To wake from this cycle of unhappiness and boredom, to realise the potential of each and every day..
To sing and dance whenever we feel the desire to do so..
To tell your close ones how they make you feel, how you love them..
To celebrate life and all it's beauty, to sleep under the stars, to swim in the ocean..
These things I yearn for, My heart waits impatiently for.