Monday, 13 December 2010


Your colours shine so bright they sparkle in the sky
they light my darkest journey and they make me feel so high
If I could only tell you, If you could only see
How I think you're amazing and how much you mean to me


Life without love is not life at all
You're building me up just to watch me fall
I keep myself busy, Im planning ahead
Whilst inside I feel trapped im lost in my bed
The World is still turning, time doesn't stand still
Yet in my heart im lacking, im losing the thrill
Get out of my head, please set me free
For I can't go on I, I need to be we

The World Today

When you open your eyes you open your mind
It is then you realise the acts of unkind
With war and with anger we behave so bad
Why is it not all of us are feeling sad
We're hurting ourselves, we're throwing to waste
We should be more thoughtful, we should have more haste
This World's full of beauty, this worlds full of love
Sometimes I dispair we need help from above


Lonely I sit and watch the world turn
the feeling inside me, my heart does burn
I feel so different, I feel so rare
My head full of worry, my heart full of care
At times i feel happy, at times i feel free
Then at others I feel broken, a broken small me


I watch them move but they don't see me
They live their lives thinking they're free
No time to think, no time to stop
What happens when that bubble pops
They close their minds, they close their souls
They fill their lives to fill the hole
But until they realise, until they see
I'll sit here just waiting, i'l just be me

Too Late

You should of tried harder
you should of cared more
But now all im feeling is emotionless yet raw
Not aware of how im feeling you dont have a clue
I wish you could see how much less i think of you

Love is not fair

I can't love you and you can't love me
and still have ourselves, ourselves be free,
to love one another to trust in complete
not shake for one minute, not miss one heart beat,
It takes time to get there, it takes time to grow
And in this confusion its so hard to know,
I swear that I love you, you know that i care,
But Love never feels equal, love never feels fair