Wednesday, 7 June 2017


And as with choice, how to choose
Who that wants to lead will lose,
Will you choose hope or will you choose fear
The truth it seems has not been clear
Misrepresented with lies and smear
Hard to keep both mind and heart near
Will we choose to care for one, or all
The same as the man who wants to build a wall?
Easy to hate and take care of ‘your own’
Always looking for the small mistakes to moan
This is a chance for all to be heard

Who is it you think will prove true to their word.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

New Zealand


All I see is damage, it's easy if you try
the damage we do to each other, it makes me want to cry
Then there's damage that goes inside, you'd miss it if not open
This, the most damaging of it all it's this that leaves me broken
Connect to your core explore yourself and try your best to listen
It starts with you, inside of you and then all life may glisten
It's going to hurt, to look insane but once you see the progress
The life you want the life you need you'll never want anything than less


There's so much information, it's starting to blow my mind
All the unconscious ways I was living so unkind
Now I have the knowledge I want to share it too
But how to use my passion but not be damaging you
My heart it feels all pleasure but also too much pain
How to live the life I want but not to live in vain
So much goes unanswered in my head I fear I'm going insane
To live with such a conscious I'll never be free of pain

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


When was it that you forgot yourself
Where did you stay behind
For you have acted selfishly
Acted so unkind
Never thought that you could do this
Do something quite so bad
I have no idea how you're feeling
You must be feeling sad

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The past

When will I forget your past, when its etched inside my mind,
When will I forget your photo's, swimming around it all the time,
When will I not remember each special thing you said,
When will I remember that your old love is dead,
When will I think of the future or the present, at this time,
when will I think of one fact, the fact is that you're mine.


I'm always feeling worried, It takes up all my time
But if you were to look at me you'd think I was just fine,
I worry about the future, I worry about the past
Everything moving so slow, its all moving too fast.
From my health to my love to things I'll never say
Please tell me now it won't always be this way.