Monday, 10 January 2011

Here comes the rain

I'm sitting here at work asking myself why i'm even here
Work never makes me feel good, it never brings me cheer
I don't want to be so grumpy, don't want to feel so down
People like it when i'm happy, when im acting like a clown
There's one thing that upsets me, it's ripping out my heart
Theres so much to this story, I don't know where to start
I know you'll just get angry, you'll think i'm being mean
But I can't not express myself, I'm fed up of being keen
You do sweet things that lift me, you make me feel so good
But then when you can't see me, I feel just like I should
I'm trying  hard  not be sad, to not let my feelings show
This is so very hard for me as my feelings for you grow
I wouldn't be doing this for anyone else, my heart wouldn't stand the pain
You make me feel like a sunny day but then here comes the rain
I know that this is not your fault, I know you're not to blame
But I can't keep feeling like this, it feels like such a shame
I like you so much with all my heart, at times I feel a fool
I'm not good at sitting pretty, or at acting cool
Now I just want to see you, I've made this very clear
More than anything right now I need you, I need you, I need you here