Monday, 10 January 2011

A Strange Broome Sky

Take it now

And when will the World be changed
When moments are cherished
And tomorrow is nothing
When here and now are all that matters
To be complete in all things
To feel each moment fully until it passes
Everything is changeable, nothing is permanent, not people, not feelings, nor experiences
So take what is in front of you now
Reach out and grab it with all your soul
For tomorrow will not feel the same and the moment will of passed

Scrambled thoughts

To live in a World where people were able to be open and honest..
Where they could tell you how they felt without the worry what would happen..
If we could truly live in the now not thinking of consequence or pain of what our actions could bring..
To be free from attachments of unimportant things, cars, houses, clothes and diamonds..
To appreciate and love one another for who and what we are..
To not think of tomorrow and how tired we'd be, to go dancing, to watch a film, to stay up all night with our lover..
For tomorrow never comes and should not be considered..
How I long to be somewhere where all people want is to be happy at all times..
Not just on holidays or at the weekends, to not count down the days until happiness can begin..
Free our minds and our inhibitions, to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do..
To wake from this cycle of unhappiness and boredom, to realise the potential of each and every day..
To sing and dance whenever we feel the desire to do so..
To tell your close ones how they make you feel, how you love them..
To celebrate life and all it's beauty, to sleep under the stars, to swim in the ocean..
These things I yearn for, My heart waits impatiently for.

An irrational mind

Laying here with this feeling I can't seem to shake
Darkness all around me and I'm feeling so awake
So good at being lonely, so good at feeling bad
Your actions make me doubt you, I'm left just feeling sad
Maybe it's not our destiny, we're just not meant to be
As I'm the one left hurting, do you really want to love me

Two halves

Fed up of these emotions
I want to feel much less
My body gives no clues
It's my head that's in a mess
I don't know what more I can do
There's not much more to say
I'm giving every part of me
Yet my World's the one thats grey
I can't go on like this
It simply doesn't feel fair
When there's two halves of a whole
The sad they both must share


The Words Are Simple

It's been so long but I still feel the same
The feeling I get when you say my name
You've always been there for me, right from the start
Making me so happy you belong in my heart
I want to make you happy, I want to make you smile
I love spending time with you, if only for a while
You get me, you know me, you make me fun
I want to hug you and kiss you, my heart you have won


From the moment I saw you, somehow I just knew
How special you'd become to me the timing was a clue
To meet someone who gets me and understands it all
With your love I feel so strong, with your love I grow tall
You make me smile, my spirit grows
And this time we will take it slow
I won't let you down, I'm here to stay
I'll give you it all, I'll love you my way

Love the ones you're with

Make sure the people in your World know
How deeply and truly they  make your love flow
So lucky to have them, you smile when you think
They pull you out of darkness, bring you back from the brink
You feel their warmth around you, it follows where you go
Spending time with them's a gift, they never keep you low
The simple things are important, this one thing now is clear
They'll always make you elated and you'll always want them near


You came into my life just at the right time
Things feeling quite tough, a mountain to climb
My mind clouded with dark skies I found it hard to see
But then you were born, my niece, yet so much more to me
My World you saved with each big smile, how easy you made things seem
Just being with you I was content, making time feel like a dream
Six years have passed and now you've grown, the spirit inside you glows
The beauty behind your big blue eyes yet no-one really knows
If you could only see what you mean to me
My sunshine, my saviour, you set me free


I thought you were different

Already I see how quickly time has passed
Two weeks have gone, it's gone so fast
What I thought I'd be doing, how I thought I'd feel
It's almost as if this World isn't real
I thought you were different , I thought we had more
But now my heart feels lonely, bruised and sore

Thinking of You

I'm sitting here and thinking of you
I'm wondering what it is I should do,
You occupy my thoughts, take over my mind
I find myself smiling at your acts of kind,
I want to make you happy, I want to be there
I'll show you I like you, I'll show you I care
I want you much closer, much closer to me
I want to surround you, but make you feel free
You're the half to my half you make me feel whole
Filling me with happiness you light up my soul

Here comes the rain

I'm sitting here at work asking myself why i'm even here
Work never makes me feel good, it never brings me cheer
I don't want to be so grumpy, don't want to feel so down
People like it when i'm happy, when im acting like a clown
There's one thing that upsets me, it's ripping out my heart
Theres so much to this story, I don't know where to start
I know you'll just get angry, you'll think i'm being mean
But I can't not express myself, I'm fed up of being keen
You do sweet things that lift me, you make me feel so good
But then when you can't see me, I feel just like I should
I'm trying  hard  not be sad, to not let my feelings show
This is so very hard for me as my feelings for you grow
I wouldn't be doing this for anyone else, my heart wouldn't stand the pain
You make me feel like a sunny day but then here comes the rain
I know that this is not your fault, I know you're not to blame
But I can't keep feeling like this, it feels like such a shame
I like you so much with all my heart, at times I feel a fool
I'm not good at sitting pretty, or at acting cool
Now I just want to see you, I've made this very clear
More than anything right now I need you, I need you, I need you here