Thursday, 28 April 2011


You make life simple, Easy and fun
This is how I can tell you are the one.
Smiling and happy I'm feeling so free
You are the one who was made just for me
Please say that you love me, say that its true
As I'll never love anyone how much I love you

Monday, 25 April 2011


Flowers and butterflys, rainbows and the sun
If only the world could be only beautiful and fun
The wars and the killings that I just don't understand
Why can't there be a way for everyone to just hold hands
So pointless and destructive it makes me feel so sad
I wish that there were more of us that thought that it was bad
so many things so wrong in this world i'd like to tackle just one
Please stop all this hatred, please put down your gun.

This is love

I first met you years ago I must of been mad
For I let you go and this makes me feel sad
But then years later I found you again
I promise from now you won't ever feel pain
You take my hand smiling and we have fun
Your love shines on me just like the sun
You're patient and thoughtful and your heart is good
This love feels so right just like it always should
Never have I met someone taking such good care of me
You listen and you help me and you make me feel free